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Security Intelligence is a podcast series by The Risk Advisory Group, a leading independent global risk consultancy. In each episode our intelligence specialists provide insight and analysis of current global security and political risks for corporate security, intelligence and crisis response professionals. Expect to hear expert perspectives on the risk to businesses from terrorism and political violence, civil and international conflict and political instability around the world. Risk Advisory is the first choice for the world’s most discerning organisations when their seek help managing their competitor, integrity, political and security risks. To find out more about The Risk Advisory Group, please visit
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Oct 28, 2019

Following a withdrawal of US troops, Turkish forces entered northeastern Syria on 9 October. A ceasefire between Turkey and the Kurdish forces appears to be largely holding. But the arrival of Syrian and Russian troops in the northeast will probably hinder Turkey's plans there.

In this podcast, we look at the impact of the offensive on security and business operations in Turkey and other regional countries. And we discuss the outlook for the wider Syrian conflict.

Jun 10, 2019

In this podcast we outline the most probable Triggers for a US-Iran escalation, and discuss the regional implications for businesses across the region. Attacks last month against oil infrastructure and vessels in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as well as the evacuation of US diplomatic staff from Iraq, have already shown the wider-reaching implications of these tensions.

Feb 13, 2018

Tim Powdrill - senior analyst for Asia Pacific in Risk Advisory's Intelligence & Analysis department - discusses the latest developments concerning North Korea's nuclear weapons programme, and the potential risk of conflict. He also shares assessments on various scenarios for crisis planning for the Winter Olympics and beyond.

Dec 15, 2017

North Korea has been a subject of interest for Risk Advisory clients over the last six months. We've been commonly asked to forecast the likelihood that the crisis will escalate into conflict. 

In this podcast, Bhavin Vyas speaks to Tim Powdrill, lead analyst for Asia Pacific, in our Intelligence & Analysis practice to discuss the likely impact of escalation, what companies can do to prepare for the range of outcomes, and identify at what point a decision to evacuate by commercial means should be taken before it is too late.

Aug 7, 2017

In this podcast, we discuss the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, where the government appears determined to hold onto power, whatever the cost. It analyses the political and security outlook for the coming months - in particular, the implications of a process to rewrite the constitution that began on 30 July.

Jul 27, 2017

In this podcast, we will discuss the current political situation in Pakistan, and its implications for security and stability in the country. With the prime minister and his family embroiled in an investigation into their wealth, we will give our forecast on the political stability in Pakistan.

Jul 24, 2017

In this podcast, we will discuss the following questions; Will Lourenço deliver the stability that is expected? How will the new administration impact the investment climate and corruption risk? And what role will the dos Santos family and their close advisors have after the elections?

Jul 10, 2017

In this podcast, we will discuss the current political situation in Libya, and its implications for security and stability in the country. With fighting still ongoing in several parts of the country, we will also give our security and political forecasts.

Jun 16, 2017

In this podcast, we will discuss the likelihood of a recurrence of politically and ethnically-motivated violence and unrest around the Kenyan elections. We will also give our forecasts for the outcome of the polls as well as the implications for Kenya, and for East Africa more broadly.

Apr 24, 2017

In this podcast, we will provide an outlook for the threat of terrorism in Europe. We will discuss how the tactics and targeting of Islamists, anarchists and Irish nationalists vary. We will also assess the threat that they pose to businesses.